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Danajon Bank in central Philippines was the ideal location for the first Net-Works pilot in 2012. It is one of only six double barrier reefs in the world, and is right in the middle of the cradle of global marine biodiversity.

The 40 island communities in Danajon Bank are entirely dependent upon the ocean for survival. Overfishing and pollution have led to severe ecological damage to the reef, resulting in far less fish for the community, whose typical family income is only $6.50 per day. Discarded nets exacerbate this problem as they continue to catch and kill fish (ghost fishing), damaging the habitat the fish depend on. Prior to Net-Works, local residents had no means of sustainable waste disposal for used nets.

Philippines snapshot

200 metric tons of nets collected from
communities, enough to stretch
4.5 times around the world

40 communities participating
in Net-Works

93 community banks empowering people to come together to manage local aquatic biodiversity

Working with local communities, the Net-Works team initially set up operations in the Danajon Bank area.  This then expanded to the nearby Bantayan Islands and in 2015, Net-Works established a third hub in Northern Iloilo. Net-Works is now established in 27 communities across these three hubs.

The Net-Works team in the Philippines - From left to right: Frenz Garcia, Smith Bajon, Fidel Estremos, Madz Blanco, Hazel Panes, Mia Apurado, Ricky Galvan.

Looking ahead

The Net-Works team is working with local partners to identify and assess other locations in the Philippines where Net-Works operations can be established in the future.

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Our local partner in the Philippines

Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation

A micro finance organization working with communities in the Philippines, providing access to credit with loans and other services, NWTF supports net collection in the Bantayan Islands through community organizing and community finance.