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Net-WorksEmpowering communities, replenishing the ocean.

Why be inclusive?

We are at the edge of a new Industrial Revolution.

We need to move from a “take-make-waste” mindset, to a “waste-make-retake” approach where businesses work with, not against nature. We also need to develop supply chains that not only do no harm, but actually enrich the lives of many.

As part of Interface’s Mission Zero® and its new Climate Take Back strategy, the company is committed to eliminating any dependence on virgin, fossil fuel derived raw materials and to creating supply chains that benefit all life. The concept of inclusive business epitomizes these goals.

An inclusive business is a commercially viable enterprise that has a positive social and environmental impact. It brings low-income communities into the value chain, either by employing them directly as producers or service providers, or by giving them access to sustainable goods and services as consumers.

As an inclusive business, Net-Works brings marginalized communities in the developing world into a mainstream global supply chain. Through the community bank infrastructure that Net-Works establishes, communities can manage the local net supply chain and gain valuable access to financial services. By incentivizing the removal of waste nets from the ocean and enabling local conservation projects, Net-Works is also helping to replenish marine ecosystems, while securing a supply of recycled nylon for Interface’s carpet tile.

As co-founders of Net-Works, Interface and ZSL are part of a small, but growing movement dedicated to this new, inclusive way of doing business. Here are some examples of inclusive business in action from other companies we admire.