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Net-WorksEmpowering communities, replenishing the ocean.

Our impact since 2012


224 metric tons of discarded fishing nets collected for recycling, enough to go around the world five times!
40 communities in the Philippines and Cameroon participating in Net-Works.
2,200 families with better access to finance thanks to community banks
64,000 people benefitting from a healthier environment

I told my children that the nets will be made into carpets. They were amazed that the nets they thought to be garbage could be recycled.

Julius, Community Bank Member, Danajon Bank, Philippines

Net-Works creates immediate benefits for communities and it’s protecting the ocean in the long run.

Amado Blanco, Net-Works Philippines Project Manager for ZSL
97 local community banks set up to facilitate savings and loans
2/3 of community bank members are women

I’m pushing myself to save, this is my money and it’ll sit and grow.

Christina, Community Member, Danajon Bank

Net-Works helps break the cycle of aid-dependency, empowering communities to help fund and manage their own marine conservation projects.

95% of community banks have an environment fund which invests money in local conservation projects

I have seen first hand how the confidence of Net-Works community groups grows with every decision they take.

Dr Nick Hill of ZSL, Co-Founder of Net-Works

As a result of the community bank set up, community members are now actively participating in decisions about local freshwater conservation and fishery management.

Santiago Ormeño, Lake Ossa Project Manager for ZSL Cameroon

The communities we’re working with are taking control of their own futures.

Rosemarie “Mia” Apurado, Sustainable Business Operations Coordinator at ZSL Philippines
4 baler machines to manually compress the nets, collaboratively designed and constructed

Thanks to Net-Works,
nets no longer = waste.
Nets =

Net-Works is not just removing waste, we’re preventing it. Fishers sell their old nets direct to Net-Works, no longer discarding them in the sea.

Net-Works has helped to clean up the lake. We can already see a difference in the areas that were badly polluted before.

Constant Ndjassi, Field Coordinator at ZSL Cameroon

Net-Works is a blueprint for a new type of business that is:
Environmentally restorative
Socially inclusive
Commercially viable

Social sustainability in tandem with environmental is so incredibly relevant in our world right now and with Net-Works we have one of the most powerful examples in any industry.

Nigel Stansfield, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Interface

For Interface sales teams, Net-Works has helped open new doors and strengthen existing customer relationships. Customers are inspired and moved by the story.

Miriam Turner, AVP Product Sustainability & Open Innovation, Interface