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Surprise encounters of the trike kind in Talibon

By Bernie Calinajan |

Motorized tricycles (or “trikes”) are a common form of transport throughout the Philippines. When you disembark a ferry at any port there’s normally a number of trikes lined up to help take you, your bags and your goods to the town center or its transport hub.

Whilst shipping the nets from the ZSL staff-house in Suba to the port of Talibon (Bohol) we encountered several passenger trikes coming to meet the incoming Cebu-Talibon ferry.

The drivers of the trikes observed us loading waste fishing nets from the boats to the trucks (for easier transport to Cebu), and they started asking a few questions about what we were doing with these waste fishing nets.

I explained to them where the nets came from, that in the past many were abandoned and how they were now collected – through community banks on nearby villages and islands  – and that these nets were to be regenerated into carpet tiles. I also told them about how the project also focused on marine conservation – and the benefits of removing these nets.

They were really impressed and one of the trike drivers said, “Wow, it’s amazing, because it’s rare that an organisation like this carpet manufacturer has a concern about the environment and oceans.

Hopefully the support of the organisation continues because the ocean can also be protected. If all the nets were to be discarded in the ocean then many fishes and other sea creatures become victims of the nets”.

For me, it reminded me that every process that we do within Net-Works is visible and creates opportunity for public engagement to an number of different audiences. There’s also a multiplier effect here… these drivers transport many people each day, and they will be telling their customers our Net-Works story.

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Bernie Calinajan is a Community Organiser at ZSL-Philippines

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